talks midi & osc


from iOS 7 / Mac OSX 10.8 / Win 7


talks audio, midi & osc


from iOS 8 / Mac OSX 10.8 & Win 7

  • easily control iOS apps with hardware controllers that are connected to your Mac and PC
  • sequence and play iOS apps using a DAW running on your Mac and PC
  • use iOS apps to play and sequence hardware instruments that are connected to your Mac and PC
  • control Mac and PC applications or hardware connected to it, using Lemur, TouchOSC or any other app that uses MIDI
  • send MIDI Data between several iDevices and Mac / PC at the same time.
  • control OSC capable Software on Mac/Pc with one of many available OSC apps.
  • send OSC data between iDevices and Mac/Pc
  • forward as many ports as you need, and treat iOS apps as if they would run directly on the same system

all of this at an ultra low latency via the standard 30pin/lightning USB cable.

  • stream audio, midi & osc from your iOS Apps to your Mac & Windows Pc and vice versa
  • contains all functionality of midimux
  • Audiobus,IAA and AU3 integration enables the use of countless iOS music Apps in your studio environment
  • connect multiple iOS devices to your Mac and PC via AudioUnit, VST or AudioDevice (Mac OSX 10.8+)
  • use up to 8 channels per device
  • Full scale mixer to level your mix before you send it to the computer.
  • low cpu usage – so you can keep using all your apps
  • very low latency via USB
  • save and load current states of the App
  • send MIDI via VST (available for Apps like Animoog and many more)
  • Support for Mac 10.7+ / Windows 7+ (req. iTunes)

Server Download

please have a look at our guide or the manual before installing the new server and make sure to deinstall old midi-audiomux server.


if you have a MIDI device connected to your Mac or PC, midimux will create a copy of it on the iDevice – thus allowing other apps to talk to it directly. any byte of MIDI received by the MIDI device on the Mac/PC will be piped to and received on the virtual copy of that device on the iOS device – and is then usable by its apps.
data sent out by apps to the virtual copy on the iOS device will be piped back via usb, and then sent to the real device on the Mac/PC.

the same is true the other way around. if an app creates a virtual MIDI port (e.G. Animoog), midimux will create a copy of that port on the Mac or PC, naming it ‘Animoog @ iPad’.

if an app does not create a virtual MIDI port, midimux always gives the possibility to create virtual ports manually. these can then be used by any apps on any of the iOS devices to pipe data to the Mac or PC. or other iDevices. or both. and back. at the same time.

midimux handles MIDI timestamps with care to ensure stable timings and clock signals across the different devices.


audiomux is the first app capable of streaming audio to a Mac or PC via the standard 30pin/lightning USB cable.

integrate your iOS apps into your music production environment, just like you would use a plugin.

Use VSTs, AUs (or audio devices on Mac) to integrate your iOS apps into a Mac/PC music production environment.

You may use up to 8 stereo channels per device. Send audio data between them and a host machine, as well as between each other at an extremely low latency.



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